Summers Are More Fun With A Happy Pet

Summers are generally a lot of fun in Rockville. When you have pets, you want them to be happy in the summertime, too. There are various things you can do to make sure this happens. Keeping them cool, bug free, and out of pain are important – and there are tips to help you with this.

Keep Them Hydrated

Your pet needs to be hydrated. Give them plenty of water during the summer. The moment they run out of water, they are not going to be very happy. It can also lead to various health problems that can be easily avoided with a full bowl of water wherever they are.

Learn How to Cool Them Down

If your pet is panting or they have dry gums, you have to cool them down. Put a wet towel over their body, cool down their paws, and get them into the shade. Once their body temperature comes down a bit, have them drink some water.

Offer Paw Protection

Paw protection for the summer is important so their bare paws aren’t hitting the hot pavement. Pads are sensitive to heat and your pet won’t want to take walks if their feet are burning the entire time.

Buy a Life Vest

Buy a life vest that is made for your pet. It should be designed for them and have a weight range that accommodates them. Bring it any time you are near the water.

Take a Trip to the Vet

Be sure you take your pet to the vet for a checkup. Ensure you have the protection in place for fleas/ticks as well as heartworm.

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Keeping Your Children Safe: Tips for Teen Driving

No matter how much experience your teen driver has, there’s always the thought in the back of your mind that they are in extra danger when driving because they are a new driver. Truth is, you’re exactly right. Teens are at a higher risk for being involved in a car accident, making it extremely important that you share as many safe driving tips with your teen as possible. Here’s a look at the tips and advice you should be sharing. 

Keep Daytime Running Lights On

Teens tend to jump behind the wheel and just take off. They forget that in addition to the steering and gas and brake pedals that there are many other functions in a vehicle that they must control, including signals, windshield wipers, and lights. If the car they are driving has daytime running lights, it’s important that they leave these on. These lights have been known to save thousands of lights, especially in foggy and rainy weather. 

Complete a Driver’s Ed Course

It is requires in Rockville, MD that your teen driver complete a driver’s ed course before being allowed to earn his drivers license. You should make sure your teen takes this course as soon as possible, preferably before driving because there is much information to be learned, lots of which can save your teen’s life when he’s behind the wheel. For instance, driver’s ed classes thoroughly cover texting and driving, drinking and driving, how to use proper signals, and much more. 

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