5 Great Fall Preparation Tips for Your Home

The air is crisp and the leaves are turning color. That means it is time for fall home maintenance! Here are five tips to consider.

Tip #1: Check Your Furnace

There’s nothing better than a warm home on a blustery Maryland winter day. Fall home maintenance begins with checking your furnace. Change out any air filters and make sure there are no bad connections. You should also consider hiring an HVAC company to come out and do a full inspection of your unit.

Tip #2: Seal Out Any Drafts

Sealing out any drafts is another important home maintenance task. Look for cracked or rotted seals around doors and windows. Use weather stripping and caulking to help close them up.

Tip #3: Prepare Landscaping & Patio Furniture

Preparing your landscaping for winter is also wise. Trim back any branches near your home that could cause damage in a snow or ice storm. Remove any annual plants and put away any patio furniture for the season.

Tip #4: Get Your Fireplace Ready

Getting your fireplace ready in the fall is important. Check the inside and outside of the unit for any cracks or damage. Make sure the flue is clear of any debris or excess soot buildup. If necessary, call a professional chimney sweep in to do a thorough cleaning.

Tip #5: Remember Hoses and Faucets

You will also want to remember outdoor hoses and faucets. Disconnect any garden hoses, drain them fully, and put them away in a shed or garage. Make sure you cover any faucets appropriately to help prevent damage from freezing.

It is also important to remember to have appropriate home insurance coverage before the winter season hits. For more information or a no-obligation quote, please call us at Wellspring Insurance Network today.


How To Save On Auto Insurance As A Student

It’s important to try and get as many discounts as possible. Auto insurance is no different. Whether you are going to school in Rockville or call this area home, you want to make sure that you have considered all of the possibilities for lowering your premium.

One of the first things you want to do is maintain a clean driving record. If you can avoid accidents and tickets, it will demonstrate that you are a low risk driver. As such, insurance companies are going to provide you with better quotes for insurance.

Another thing you may want to consider is taking a defensive driving class. Driver’s education in high school may be great, but taking an additional course can show that you are serious about being a safe driver. It can also help to remove points if you have already received a ticket.

Being a good student has never hurt anyone, either. There are many insurance companies that will reward you with discounts if you make the dean’s list, or if you maintain a GPA somewhere around 3.0 or higher. As you improve your grades, you may also want to consider getting new quotes to see if it can lower the cost of auto insurance.

Finally, you will want to explore a low mileage discount if you live on campus or close by. If you are not driving long distances on a regular basis, it can reduce your risk, and insurance companies may not charge you as much. It’s something to keep in mind as you begin exploring insurance companies.

When you live in Rockville, you can find affordable auto insurance. Call and talk to one of our insurance agents at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. today. We work with some of the best insurance companies in Maryland to bring you the best prices.