5 Benefits To Garage Sales

There are many benefits to having a garage sale in Rockville. You may have a lot of items throughout your home that you no longer use or have space for. It is possible to set up a garage sale at any time in order to sell some of the items.

More Organization

When you get rid of things that you no longer need, you have the opportunity to start organizing. You may be able to clear out significant amounts of space in closets, your garage, your attic, and more.

Make More Room

You can start to make room for the things that you do want when you have a garage sale. For example, if you have children, their old toys can be sold in order to make more room for new toys that they are going to get for birthday or around the holidays.

Extra Money

When you have a garage sale, you determine how much everything is priced for. It can earn you some extra money to spend as you wish.


Anything that doesn’t sell should not be brought back into the house. You have already decided that you want to part with it. This means that you can create a donation – which is also tax-deductible.

Meet the Neighbors

When you have a garage sale, whether you have just moved in or you have lived there for years, it is an opportunity to meet the neighbors. Various people are likely going to wander down to your sale to see what you have and this is your chance to engage in small talk.

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Fall Car Care – 3 Ways to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

The leaves are starting to change and there is a crisp feel to the air. Fall in Maryland is here, which means it is time to start preparing for the ice and snow of the winter to come. Here are three ways to prep your vehicle now.

Perform Routine Car Maintenance Tasks

Start your fall car care list by performing routine maintenance tasks on your vehicle. Get the oil changed and the brakes checked. Find out if your tires have the right level of tread to get you through the upcoming months of cold weather. Your local mechanic should be able to tell you about any necessary repairs on your car, which can help keep your family safe during the winter driving season.

Create an Emergency Supply Kit

One of the most important fall car care tasks you can tackle is creating an emergency supply kit. Include helpful winter weather items, such as a warm blanket, hand warmers, and non-perishable snacks in case you find yourself stranded in the snow in the coming weeks. You will also want to add a can of deicer, jumper cables, and a small toolkit in case you find yourself in an unfortunate situation.

Have Your Battery Checked Professionally         

Imagine this scenario. You come out to start your car before work and find out your battery is completely drained. Not fun, right? Having your battery checked by a professional in the fall is a good way to keep this from happening. Not only will this tell you approximately how much battery life you have left, it could also be a good indication that you need a replacement before the season changes.

While these four tasks are important, making sure you have the right level of auto insurance coverage is just as vital. Find out more or schedule your no-obligation policy review by contacting your team at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. today.