5 Fun Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

5 Fun Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

By Lacey of Dunkirk Designs

Between Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy, and all of the wedding blogs out there, the process of planning a wedding can seem absolutely daunting. There are so many adorable ideas out there that it’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed. Spring or fall? Ballroom or farm? Black tie or casual? And in the midst of making all of those important large decisions, how do you make sure the details of your day are personal to you and your relationship? I’m here with some specific detail ideas that you can take and incorporate into your own big day to make it super-personal.

1) Furry Friends This one is for the animal lovers out there. I’ve seen some absolutely adorable wedding day photos of the couple posing with their pup, or the pup acting as the ring bearer, which are both lovely ideas. However, if you have a pet who wouldn’t do so well in a wedding setting, here’s two other ways to make sure they are there in spirit. I love this handmade cake topper from Etsy shop Trina’s Clay Creations and this custom wooden card box from Etsy shop Mulberry Lane Folk Art.



2) Lost Loved Ones We all have important people in our lives who passed along too soon to be a part of the actual day-of festivities, but there are many ways to make sure they are remembered on such an important day in your lives. I like this DIY idea of creating bouquet charms with old photos (extra cool if you can find photos from their own wedding day) and tying it on to the bride’s bouquet.


3) New Last Name

For those of you changing your last names after marriage (and if you aren’t—that’s cool too!), the wedding itself is a fun place for your new initial or new last name to make its official debut.

I’ve always loved the “Mrs.” wire hangers to grab a gorgeous getting-ready shot of your dress. Another fun idea is a large gold or silver balloon to serve as a fun photo prop for the couple. There are tons of opportunities to incorporate a new monogram.

hanger balloon

4) Lyrics & Quotes

Chances are, you have “your song” that reminds you of your relationship, or maybe a special quote that you think really represents your love. I love the idea of incorporating that into your vow ceremony or reception décor. One idea is to print cocktail napkins with different lyrics and have them all around the bar. Each time a guest gets a drink or appetizer, they’ll get a little more insight into you as a couple!



5) Charitable Organizations

If you have a certain cause that means a lot to you both, your wedding is a great opportunity to gain support for it and help the guests understand what really matters to you. In lieu of favors (or in addition to favors), make a donation to your favorite charity, and make a cute little sign explaining to guests that you are doing so.



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