Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean

Your car is a reflection of you in many ways. Many people like to keep their car clean but it can take a lot of time to really do the upkeep on your car. However, there are many hacks that you can use to help keep your vehicle in the best condition possible without spending a large amount of time on cleaning your vehicle. Use these tips to clean some areas of your car and have them looking their best. 

  • Clean your headlights. When your headlights get older, they can oxidize which makes them cloudy and yellow. This not only doesn’t look great on a vehicle but it also can cause you to not see as well at night because it blocks some of the light coming from the head lamps. Clean them easily with some toothpaste and a wash cloth. Wipe the oxidizes areas down with the toothpaste and then rinse with water for clean headlights.
  • Clean your dashboard. Your dashboard can get dirty very quickly with dust and other articles. You can easily clean this on a regular basis by wiping the dashboard down with a damp wash cloth. For tougher stains on the dashboard, use some mild dish soap with the water. Make sure you wipe the dashboard down with a dry wash cloth to remove any excess moisture.
  • Clean the bugs off your car. Even after a good washing, some bugs may still be present on your car. You can easily remove these by car soap and a soft washing mitt. Wipe in a circular motion until they are gone. 

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Spring is a Great Time to Update Insurance

When springtime comes around, many think of spring-cleaning as a time to spruce up their homes and apartments. Another important thing to do, at least once per year, is to check insurance policies to make sure there is adequate coverage in place, especially if there have been any significant life changes, such as having a baby, moving to a new location, or changing jobs.

Good News Possible for Automobile Insurance
Check with the agents at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc., if you went all last year without an automobile accident or if you took a defensive driver training course last year. You may be eligible for a “good driver discount” on your automobile insurance. At the same time, make sure the automobile insurance coverage is adequate for all vehicles, based on the current replacement values. Ask the agent what other discounts are available, such as those for installing a theft alarm or theft-defeating device.

Homeowner Insurance
Check with your agent to make sure there is proper homeowner’s insurance, especially if there have been any remodeling updates to your home. If the home is located in a flood zone or adjacent to one, be sure to have a flood insurance policy, which is a separate risk that is usually not covered by the standard home insurance policy. Check to make sure the replacement costs estimates are current according to recent market valuations.

Business Insurance
America is the most litigious nation of the developed nations in the world. If you own a business, you should reasonably expect that someday you might face a lawsuit. Make sure there is enough business insurance coverage to protect your business that you worked so hard to develop. Ask the agents at Wellspring Insurance about Cyber insurance, which protects the business if it has any activities on the Internet.

Life Insurance
A review of life insurance includes evaluation of the coverage as well as updating any beneficiary information if the beneficiaries changed.

Contact the agents at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. for a comprehensive insurance review, either by telephone or by using the Wellspring Insurance website. They will do all the hard work evaluating the coverage and make expert recommendations for updates.