The Most Useful Items to Have in Your Car

There are a few things every driver should keep in his or her vehicle to be ready to handle any situation. A little preparation can be the difference between a close call and a disaster. Read on to find out which items drivers find most useful to have on hand.

1. Jumper Cables – While they don’t top the charts for versatility, there is a very good chance jumper cables will come in handy, particularly if you live in a dry or cold climate. Jump starter boxes are even more convenient because they will get you back on the road whether or not there are any other cars around link up to.

2. Duct tape – Unlike jumper cables, duct tape has nearly limitless possibility and will certainly make itself worth the purchase next time you need to seal, bind, or attach something.

3. Tow rope – Again, there is no way to imagine all the ways a good sturdy rope could be of use. It’s often used for towing, so make sure you find something that is strong enough to handle the job.

4. Multi-tool – Save yourself some center console real estate and get a gadget with lots of mini-gadgets built in. Things to look for on a good multi-tool are a sharp knife, a tire gauge, and a screwdriver.

5. Small shovel – This one is of particular importance for people who drive in places with lots of snow. You’re guaranteed to feel no buyer’s remorse when you are digging your tires out of a snowbank. 

6. Proof of Insurance – If you were to try to prepare for every disaster possible, your car would have no room for any passengers. That’s why good automobile coverage is absolutely essential. Contact Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. today to make sure you, your vehicle, and all its passengers have a reliable safety net.

Tips for Letting Friends and Family Borrow Your Car Safely in Rockville, MD

If someone asks to borrow your car in a suburb like Rockville, Maryland, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you allow them to do so. While it may seem like no big deal to allow a friend or family member to drive your vehicle down the street or wherever they need to go for a couple of days, there are some very real risks to doing this. So here are some tips for letting friends and family safely borrow your car in Rockville, Maryland.


First make sure whoever is borrowing your car has a good driving record and doesn’t have any outstanding tickets. You don’t want them having an accident in your vehicle or being pulled over, ticketed and possibly arrested while driving your vehicle. So ask them about their record and maybe even do a background check if you don’t think they are telling the truth. It will save you a lot of headaches in the future.


Make sure whoever is driving the car knows all the problems the car has had in the past, what type of gas to put in it and where it should be taken to be serviced. This way they can treat it as you would treat it while they are borrowing the vehicle.


Depending on how long the friend or family member is borrowing your car in Rockville, you may need to put them on your insurance policy. Some policies will cover someone driving your car as permitted use if they are related to you for a certain period of time. Check with a company like Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. which serves the greater Rockville area to find a policy that works best for someone borrowing your car in the future.