Easy Tips to Keep Your Car Clean

With spring right around the corner, many peoples’ thoughts turn to spring cleaning.  They get busy with those home improvement projects, cleaning out that shed in the backyard, and repainting the dining room a crisper shade of white.  But what many people don’t realize is their cars need spring cleaning, too.  It’s not always as simple as taking your car to the local car wash or spraying it down and soaping it up in the driveway.  There are small tasks that are easily overlooked, but can mean the difference between driving safely and risking an accident.  With that in mind, here are four easy to follow tips that will help keep your car clean.

Don’t Forget the Headlights

After you’ve been driving around for a few years, the plastic inside your car’s headlights starts to oxidize, giving it a cloudy, yellowish tint.  This can be dangerous, especially if you do a lot of night driving, because that film can decrease the amount of light put out by the headlights.  If you can’t afford a fancy cleaning solution, try dabbing a bit of toothpaste on a rag, wiping the headlight housings, and then rinsing with water.  You’ll be amazed by the results!

Don’t Be a Streaker

If you cart around your kids or pets, you’re all too familiar with streaks.  They can be fingerprints, nose and tongue prints, or anything else that mucks up the interior windows (and sometimes the windshield or back window!).  Those streaks may seem harmless, but they can affect your visibility while driving.  To get rid of them, mix up a solution of ¼ cup vinegar and ¼ cup rubbing alcohol.  Spray this on your windows, and then wipe them down with newspapers for a streak-free finish.

Dashboards and Interiors

Your dashboard and other interior components can really take a beating from the sun and the elements.  Additionally, a cluttered vehicle can pose distraction hazards while driving.  Kick the clutter out of your car and use a bit of mild laundry soap to clean your dash and interior upholstery.  Wipe it off with a soft cloth when you’re done, and admire how much better your interior looks.

Blast the Bugs

Dead bugs plastered to your car are never a good look.  To get rid of them without potentially damaging your car’s paint job, you can just use water and a good car soap.  Work in small areas, cleaning off the bugs, and rinse when you finish each area.

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Three ways to become a safer driver today

Want to be a better driver? There are some ways to change those poor driving habits by planning ahead, having a calm attitude and putting away the gadgets. Here are five tips to make you a better driver today.

1. Focus on the right things.

Of course, you need to and should keep your eyes on the car directly in front of you. It’s also a good idea to raise your gaze by looking regular at the car four or five vehicles ahead of you too. If that car or truck slows or hits the brakes, you’ll have more reaction time to respond.

Further, be careful not to stare at an accident or object to your side or in the far distance. Doing so can cause you to veer in the direction of the object.

2, Set the rules with kids.

Children can be a major distraction when driving. The best thing to do is to lay down very clear, simple to understand guidelines for children riding in the car. These can range from no screaming, no kicking the back of the seat, no pulling the seatbelt from behind. Explain that you need to keep your eyes on the road and reward good behavior.

3. Put away the phone.

Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents today, and the No. 1 culprit is the use of phones. If you are tempted to read or send texts or emails while driving, put your phone in a far-away spot like the glove compartment or trunk. You can still use voice-activated features if your car is so equipped.

Safe driving leads to fewer accidents. To make sure you’re getting the best price and have the proper insurance coverage, contact the Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. today for a free quote or to review your existing policy.