How to protect your most cherished possessions

   If you’re like most people, there are certain items you own that you can’t imagine ever losing—possessions you deeply cherish or those that would be impossible to replace due to the cost of re-purchasing them or simply because they’re irreplaceable. While your homeowners insurance is invaluable for covering the loss or destruction of many of your belongings (as well as damage to your home’s structure), your policy might provide only partial coverage for your most cherished items. The good news is that you can still protect the things that matter to you most, even if they’re not fully covered under your homeowners, with a scheduled personal property endorsement that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Not an easy name, but it can help you sleep better at night. A scheduled personal property endorsement is not something that everyone talks about, but we at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. can help you determine if it would be a good fit for you. The first step begins with you. Look around your home and make a list of your cherished possessions. Be sure to consider the following:

 – Jewelry                                                                                                                    
 – Antiques
 – Art
 – Collections
 – Musical instruments
 – Silverware/China
 – Autographed items
 – Rare or one-of- a-kind items

Once you have taken an inventory, make the time to talk with us. We are always here to help you determine whether if your prized possessions need more coverage than your current policy provides. Please keep in mind that it is wise to complete an inventory every year or so, because it’s easy to acquire new items over time that should be added to a scheduled personal property endorsement. It could be tragic to find yourself in a situation rendering you unable to replace what matters most to you.

At Wellspring Insurance Network Inc., we can work with you to make sure you’ve got the coverage you need, while at the same time using all possible credits and discounts to make that coverage affordable. Just give us a call at (240) 848-0355 or send us a note at . We want to help you meet your goals, and make sure what’s important to you is protected!

Engagement Ring

Re-Purposing Cleaning Supplies

The need to a clean house often leads to an overflowing under-the-sink cabinet of cleaning supplies. There are ways to repurpose some cleaning supplies to help keep excessive trash out of the landfill while saving you time and money. Keep in mind that cleaning solutions should always be kept in their original bottle or thrown out with the bottle. The following list is made up of ideas of ways to repurpose cleaning tools.

  • Reuse all-purpose, heavy duty spray bottles that never had bleach or ammonia in them. These bottles can be reused to make natural cleaning solutions, air freshener, or stain remover.
  • Use glass vinegar bottles for all-purpose, natural cleaning solutions.
  • Use small containers to mix natural scouring pastes using baking soda and salt.
  • Use old cleaning rags to clean the lower trimming on the walls.
  • Store all cleaning supplies in an old mop bucket to save space under the sink.
  • Cut up extra sponges for the kids to paint or put in a small plastic container and saturate with paint to use as a stamp pad.
  • Share cleaning solutions with a neighbor or friend. Not only will this save money and space for both families, it will ensure that the cleaning solutions are used up.

Helping to take care of the earth is great. Come in to Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. to take care of your home. Experienced agents will help you get a new home insurance policy or review the one you have. The company serves Rockville, MD. Trust the company that will help you get the insurance coverage you need and knows that each state has its own insurance laws and coverage.

A Time to Celebrate Mothers


 As the second Sunday of May nears, it’s time to think of ways to celebrate mothers – although, of course, that’s a worthy pursuit at any time of year!

At Wellspring Insurance Network Inc., we thought it would be fun to give you a little of the history behind Mother’s Day, as well as a few ideas to honor the special women in all our lives.

Ancient beginnings:

According to, the ancient Egyptians held an annual festival to honor “the mother of the pharaohs” . This is one of the earliest historical records of a society celebrating a mother.

How Mother’s Day came to be in the U.S.

In 1870, Julia Ward Howe, a social activist and poet (and author of the lyrics for “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”) had became distraught by the toll of the Civil War. She issued a “Mother’s Day Proclamation” that year, calling on mothers to protest the killing and create a day celebrating peace and motherhood. Howe’s proclamation did not result in a national Mother’s Day, but in 1908, Anna Jarvis of West Virginia took up the cause. She wanted to accomplish her mother’s dream of making a celebration of all mothers. By 1909, more than 40 states were holding Mother’s Day services, even though it was not a national holiday.

In 1912, according to Wikipedia, West Virginia was the first state to officially observe Mother’s Day. Jarvis continued to promote the day until President Woodrow Wilson made it an official national holiday in 1914.She later regretted creating the holiday, believing that it had become too commercialized.

Enough with the history – where are the gift ideas?

Like us at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc., we know you might have more urgent concerns on your mind, like last-minute shopping, so here are the most popular Mother’s Day gifts, according to

image1 (1)Flowers

Gift baskets

Personalized gifts



Spa gifts


Of course, perhaps the best gift of all is getting in touch and letting the moms in your life know just how much they mean to you. Happy Mother’s Day!