5 Tips for Summer Boating: Preparing Yourself for Fun in Rockville, MD

Having a boat means sunsets on the water, and memories to last forever with your family and friends. Of course, those happy memories are all tied up with ensuring your boat is in good shape for the summer season. Use these 5 tips as a little checklist to get everything together. 

1. Emergency Plan Practices 

Don’t let your kids lose their sense when something happens on the water. Run them through the emergency steps at least 3 to 4 times before you have them out on the boat. The repetition is what will help them stay calm. 

2. Insist on Life Jackets 

Even the best swimmers can sustain bodily damage that makes them unable to keep themselves afloat. Ensure your family has life jackets for whatever comes your way. 

3. Buy a Carbon Monoxide Detector…

And then make sure it works on your boat! This isn’t a common problem for most boaters, but there’s simply no reason to take the chance — especially because there are few to no warning signs when it comes to a leak. 

4. Start Filling Out Forms 

When hikers head out on the trail, they often let the park know which trail they’re on and when they left. Do the same when you go out by using a float plan to tell officials where your family will be, just in case. 

5. Contact Wellspring Insurance Network Inc.

Our agents serve Rockville, MD, and we make it a point to get you the boat insurance you need to cruise along confidently on the water. Know you’re protected when you call us to talk about the type of policy you want for your prized possession. Call if you have questions or need a quote!

The Advantages of Flood Insurance

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Whether you live in Rockville, MD or anywhere else around the coast, protecting your home is job number one of home owner’s insurance. However, there are different kinds of insurance policies, additions, and packages you can opt into, so selecting the right packages is essential. It can save you money on a monthly basis and it also reduces the chance of payout out in the event of an accident. At Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. we are here to assist with finding the right policies and make sure you have everything you need in order to protect possibly your most valuable investment. 

More Than Storm Insurance

Many people look at flood insurance and assume it is just for when a big storm hits. After all, that is when a home is more likely to flood. That may be true, but it does more than just protect your home in the event of a storm. It also protects and covers your home in the event of a pipe bursting. Perhaps you have an old pipe that finally gives in the basement, filling it with hundreds of gallons of water before you arrive back home for work. Or, maybe the winter temps drop down to below freezing, causing the water inside to freeze. The frozen water can potentially cause a pipe burst as well and the last thing you want is to be left with an expensive basement repair and no coverage. Flood insurance gives you this protection and is a major advantage. 

Peace of Mind Knowing It’s All Covered

Whether it is the carpeting in your home or AC equipment that has gone south because of a flood, you don’t need to worry about how you’ll pay for it all. The flood insurance can come in and offer its assistance, which is why this is a helpful insurance policy to look into