Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. Why it’s Extremely Important to have Boat Insurance Coverage

While liability boating insurance in Maryland is not mandated, it is highly recommended for boat owners and operators alike. Unlike auto insurance, which is mandatory nationally, boat coverage liability coverage for a power boat is only required in Utah and Arkansas. While the insurance isn’t required, however, it is certainly necessary. The reasons that you want to have a boat insurance policy in place are to protect yourself from unexpected damages as well as any possible losses, theft and property damage or even the possibility of personal  liability for injury or death to others in the case of an accident.  This doesn’t just include crashing. It could be something as simple as having a friend out on your boat and they stumble and hurt their ankle, or a rough wave knocks them backward and they decide to sue you further down the line for personal injury. Unless you have experienced an accident or unforeseen similar circumstance such as these, you may not see the value in investing in a proper boat insurance policy until it is too late.

There are different types of boat insurance available, which include liability, comprehensive insurance, collision coverage, personal injury protection and medical coverage. While MD does not require the insurance, your docking marina or bank may for their own protection. This protection is for you as well, however, against litigation if someone tries to sue you for injury and it is a key investment protection. Especially with a boat, sinking or damage to a vessel can be common based on one bad storm. So whether you are looking to limit yourself from legal liability, are looking to protect your investment, or both, having the right policy in place to cover your needs is key.

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Comparing Commercial Insurance: Finding the Right Carrier

Commercial insurance is full of different carriers, and they’re all claiming about the same things. Going through the process of calling everyone and trying to determine who’s best can be maddening when you have a million other things that you need to get done in a day. You can either delegate the task, pick the first person you come across, or you can use a few shortcuts that might help you get to the right choice a little faster. 

Don’t Hold Back 

Your time is precious, so if you’re having a problem with someone from the first phone, don’t be afraid to cut off the conversation and move on. This is definitely a complicated subject, and you’ll want to work with someone who’s smart and knows their business. 

Keep It Simple 

You don’t have to ask every question in the book before you decide on a policy, but you should come away from a conversation having a better understanding of what your options are. The simpler an insurance agent can keep their answers, the more likely it is you’ll remember what you need to know about your coverage. Too many business owners forget about the biggest factors because they were lost in a sea of technical terms. If there’s a huge snowstorm headed your way in Rockville, there should be question as to whether or not snow damage will be covered. 

Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. 

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