The Importance Of Yearly Vehicle Maintenance

Cars take a lot of abuse if you think about it. They get you through your daily commute in all types of conditions and the occasional road trip. They sit in traffic, rain, wind and baking hot sun. One way you can thank your vehicle for all it does is to ensure that you take the time to provide it with regular maintenance.

How Much Maintenance Does Your Vehicle Need?

It does depend somewhat on the type of vehicle, where you live and what kind of driving you do, but generally, you’ll need to get your oil changed every few thousand miles, and you’ll also want to take it in for yearly maintenance to ensure that everything is up to par.

Your first step is to read your vehicle’s owner manual. This is something everyone should do. This ensures that you are using the right oil, gas, etc. and also will tell you exactly how often you should get your oil changed, for example.

In general, you should be checking fluids, battery, tires and air filters on a regular basis. Many of these things will be checked when you take your car in for an oil change, but at least once a year you should have a more thorough inspection of the transmission, engine, etc. You’ll want to replace worn belts and seals, filters and spark plugs. You’ll want to make sure your tires still have good tread on them and get them balanced.

Doing these things promptly will save you money in the long run. If you are mechanically inclined, you can do many of these things yourself, but if you aren’t, don’t feel bad about spending the money. It’s an investment and will help ensure that your car runs well and will help you avoid expensive problems down the line.

While you’re at it, be sure you do a yearly vehicle insurance inspection to make sure you have the best coverage possible. Contact your Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. in Rockville, MD or one of the surrounding areas and talk about your coverage, any discounts and any changes you need to make to your policy.

What to Do When There’s a Power Outage

If the power goes out in the summer or fall, you may need a fan or an extra sweater to compensate. If the power goes out during the winter months in the Rockville, MD area, you need to have a plan of action. Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. can help you get ready for a major winter weather event.

Get Ready

Make an emergency kit that includes:

  • Alternative power source for phones and medical equipment
  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Rock salt, kitty litter, and shovel
  • Fuel source– wood for a fire place or wood-burning stove, or small space heater if you have a generator
  • Generator and gas– keep away from house to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Extra blankets and clothing
  • Water and food

Get Set

Once it is clear the power will be out for awhile, it’s time to spring into action. Close off the peripheral rooms of the house. Keep your family in a centralized location, preferably one with a fireplace or wood stove. Make sure any other sources of heat are well-vented. Gather extra layers of clothing and blankets to put on as the inside temperature drops. Let water trickle, if possible, to prevent burst pipes. Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors must be in working order. Keep the refrigerator and freezer closed. If you do not have a generator, consider placing food in a bin in a snow bank. After about 4 hours in a fridge without power, it’s time to go with a snow bank or cooler plan. Freezer items can last around two days.


Best-case scenario; you are prepared and can keep your family relatively warm and fed for at least a week. Worst-case; you seek shelter in what is known as a warming shelter. Many areas will announce locations on the radio and will offer options for getting there if you cannot drive out yourself.  The folks at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. encourage you to establish a plan before a weather emergency strikes. Rockville, MD is no stranger to erratic winter weather. Our agents are here to answer questions about how to stay safe during a power outage.