How to Protect Your Rockville, MD Business After a Disaster from Wellspring Insurance Network Inc.

If you have ever worried what you would do if a fire or other natural event damaged your business in Rockville, MD, you are not alone. Your agent at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. can answer your questions on how to include such catastrophes in your insurance coverage.

What is Business Interruption Insurance?

Business interruption insurance covers the cost of running your business when you can’t operate due to fire or other incidents defined in the policy. Some of the expenses that can be insured are utility bills and payroll expense. A number of factors impact the length of the coverage and how much you pay for your premium. Usually, your financial records are used to determine how much you receive.

In essence, business interruption coverage is an extension of your property insurance policy. However, it can also be purchased separately or as part of a bundle. One thing to keep in mind is that there may be a waiting period between a covered loss and the beginning of coverage. Your Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. representative can answer all your questions on coverage options in Rockville MD.

Tips and Considerations

Prior to obtaining business interruption insurance, know the property value of your business. Assess valuable equipment and merchandise so that you know how much protection you need. It’s a good idea to keep receipts for furniture, equipment, and valuable items in a separate location, such as a safety deposit box. You can also make digital copies and store them on a secure website you can access anywhere.

Call Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. today to set up an appointment and get a quote for business interruption insurance for your Rockville, MD enterprise.

How Does Gestational Diabetes Affect Life Insurance?

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that usually develops during pregnancy. Diabetes is a medical disorder which occurs when your pancreas produces little or no insulin at all or when your body fails to respond to insulin as expected. This condition usually affects the babies of untreated mothers. Affected babies can grow too large, which may cause complications during delivery. In fact, gestational diabetes is a common reason for cesarean section in Rockville, MD. Sometimes, the baby can also experience a sudden drop in their blood sugar level immediately after delivery. Gestational diabetes typically starts developing at the 20th week of pregnancy.

Gestational Diabetes and Life Insurance

Gestational diabetes has become a significant concern in underwriting life insurance among many life insurance providers such as Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. since it is perceived as a major risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Life insurance underwriters and scientific studies agree that the risk factors for gestational diabetes are highly similar to those of type 2 diabetes. In most cases, life insurance companies tend to charge higher insurance premiums for women with gestational diabetes in Rockville, MD.

Any diabetes is regarded as a severe medical condition which can impact negatively on your ability to get affordable insurance coverage. Life insurance companies perceive women with gestational diabetes to be at significantly high risk of developing type II diabetes. The company will usually assess your condition by asking you various questions related to your lifestyle habits, weight, and other medical conditions.

The life insurance premium that you will be required to pay will be determined by assigning you to a specific health class. The typical premiums range from substandard, standard, preferred and preferred plus. However, attempting to get life insurance after developing gestational diabetes doesn’t mean automatic rejection from the insurance provider.

At Wellspring Insurance Network Inc., we understand the value of your life and will be willing to offer you suitable life insurance coverage even if you have developed gestational diabetes. Contact us today for further details.