When Can You Claim Your Health Insurance

Health insurance safeguards you against illness and injuries. The reason why Wellspring Insurance Network sells health insurance is that we want to take charge of your health. We shall be there to clear the huge medical bill when sickness strikes. With the rising cost of medical services in Rockville, MD, a health insurance policy has become a necessity in life.

However, most people don’t know how to file a health insurance policy claim and when to file the claim. Well, if you already have a health insurance policy and you’re wondering when you can file a claim don’t worry since we are here to help you. So, when can you file a health insurance policy claim?

File a Claim In Case of Injury or Illness

The conventional times when you should file a health insurance policy claim is when you fall sick or get injured. You may also file a claim whenever you have a medical procedure done that is prescribed by a physician. You should also file a claim when one of your siblings who are covered by the policy falls sick, is injured, or requires surgery. You can also file a health insurance policy claim if you or your family member requires urgent healthcare services outside of the regular clinic operation hours.

What Kinds of Medical Insurance Claims Exist?

There are three different types of health insurance claims that you should know.

  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): In this type of claim, the health insurance provider only caters for treatment sought from accredited clinics, hospitals, or physicians specified in the policy.
  • Preferred Healthcare Provider Organization (PHPO): This type of policy allows you to look for medical care from your preferred doctor in Rockville, MD. Your policy will cover all the costs as long as you’re a PHPO member and you use healthcare services in your PHPO network.
  • Group Health Insurance Plan: Any person who is a member of a specified group medical insurance plan is allowed to apply for medical insurance claims for a wide range of healthcare expenses.

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What Risks Are Covered by Umbrella Insurance?

We all need insurance to cater for unforeseen circumstances in our day-to-day lives. Auto insurance is mandatory, home insurance may be required by lenders, but umbrella insurance isn’t mandatory in MD. Unfortunately, some risks may go beyond what your standard auto, home, boat, renters, or condo insurance can cover. The policy you are holding might also have exclusions. This is where umbrella insurance comes in – to help you with those large lawsuits and severe accidents. That is why it’s often known as excess liability insurance. You can purchase them for personal or commercial use. Here are the risks covered by an Umbrella Insurance in Rockville, MD:

  • Additional property liability: This will take care of any extra costs of damages towards someone else’s property.
  • Additional bodily liability: This will take care of any extra costs towards another person’s bodily injuries that your standard health insurance coverage cannot take care of fully.
  • Personal liability: This will cover lawsuits and any legal costs that are related to false arrests, slander, libel, malicious prosecutions, invasion of privacy, and other personal liability situations.
  • Exclusions coverage: This covers any liability claims that are excluded in the standard insurance coverage. For example, if you have an accident in another state where your auto insurance can’t cover, umbrella insurance will take care of any liability claim against you.

Even with all the risks that Umbrella Insurance can cover, there are a few exemptions. They include expected or intentional accidents, business losses, and criminal intentions.

Our knowledgeable local agents at Wellspring Insurance Network in Rockville, MD will help you understand which coverage option is affordable and suitable for you. At Wellspring Insurance Network, we offer affordable insurance policies to protect your investments. Contact us today if you need a quote or if you have any questions or concerns about umbrella insurance.