Do You Really Need Off-Road Insurance?

Everyone in Rockville, MD loves adventure. There is nothing like exploring the bumpy roads off the highway and discovering just how well you can drive when the way is not paved and predictable. Some people, however, choose to go without off-road insurance, which is more risk than you should take in a day. Imagine a curve being too sharp and your ATV flipping over for destruction. You could find yourself out of the recreational vehicle you love if you do not have enough cash in the bank to replace the damaged auto.

The potential for off-road accidents is higher than you know, which is why you should protect yourself and your investment with insurance. Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. can help you find the right off-road indemnity plan.

Why do you need off-road insurance in the first place?

Aside from protecting yourself from financial turmoil in the event of an accident, many state-owned parks and public recreational spots, in general, require you to have off-road assurance. You cannot legally drive your ATV through these areas without proof of financial responsibility that goes beyond the hundreds or thousands that you have saved in the bank. Also, the average homeowner or automobile insurance attachment covers the basics of your ATV in Rockville, MD and nothing more. You may find yourself underinsured if you only depend on the options that standard insurance policies offer.

G & G Independent Ins can help!

Some off-road vehicle owners shy away from off-road insurance plans for fear of the cost. Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. agents, however, can help you find the indemnity plan that works best for your budget.

You do not want to be caught between a rock and a hard place because you failed to protect yourself with a good insurance policy. Call our offices today for an off-road assurance quote!

The 2 Main Types of Wedding Insurance

If you have spent months – or longer – planning your perfect wedding, then any glitches can be extremely stressful. Full-on disasters can be heart-stopping. A great way to protect all the time and effort you have put into planning the perfect event is by purchasing wedding insurance.

There are two main types of wedding insurance that you should consider investing in. To learn more about these, contact the staff at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serving Rockville, MD.


This type of wedding insurance will pay for any damage that occurs to the venue. It may also pay for medical costs if someone becomes sick at your wedding or suffers an injury. In some cases, this type of coverage will include liquor liability insurance, which will pay out if you are sued for any type of damages that result from drunken guests. The limits for most wedding liability insurance range from $500,000 up to $2 million; however, you may find options up to $5 million.


This type of insurance coverage will provide you with reimbursement for costs if you have to delay or cancel your wedding due to an illness or injury in the wedding party, extreme weather, a death in the family, or other reasons that you cannot control. If you wind up having to book a new ceremony, then this insurance can help cover the costs.

If you have a wedding in the near future and want to make sure you are protected if the unthinkable happens, then purchasing wedding insurance is a smart move. Regardless of if you are in Rockville, MD or somewhere nearby, you can get help with making sure you get the right amount and type of coverage by contacting the staff at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc.