The Benefits of Making an Inventory for Renters Insurance

There are many advantages to having a full inventory of personal property, which include making sure the renters’ insurance coverage is adequate, to have an accurate valuation of the property, and proof of ownership, which helps with recovery efforts if anything is stolen.

How to Make an Inventory

Making an inventory is a three-step process, which includes:

  1. Make a list of everything with its brand, model, and serial number (if any).
  2. Collect all the receipts or look for a similar item online to determine the value of each item.
  3. Make a videotape of everything.

Some may feel it is easier to reverse the order of these steps. Making the videotape is really a good idea. Simply walk around the apartment and videotape everything. If you have an assistant to help you, it can be easier because they can hold up the smaller, individual items.

Describe the item and zoom in on each item to get a clear shot of it. Describe the model number and name the brand. If the item has a serial number on it and you can zoom in to capture the number on the video that is a great idea.

If an item has special significance that is not obvious by looking at it, such as a valuable autographed photo or is a family heirloom, describe this on the video.

Make two copies of everything including the video. Keep one copy somewhere that is not in the apartment, such as in the trunk of a car or at the office. The reason for this is if the apartment is destroyed, the inventory information will not be destroyed as well when it is kept elsewhere.

Give the extra copy to your agent at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serving Frederick, MD and the nearby area.

Renters Insurance Review

Your agent will conduct an insurance review and make a recommendation of the renter’s insurance that is adequate for your needs. Have this insurance review at least once each year and at any time that something significant changes, such as when you buy a new, expensive item.

Get a quote for renters insurance by contacting your agent at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. in Frederick, MD by calling 240-848-0355.

Tips On Finding The Right Health Insurance

Finding the right health insurance is a personal matter for you and your family. What is right for you may not always be what’s right for the next house over. However, if you live in the greater Frederick, MD area the team at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. can help you find the right health insurance that meets the needs of your family. 

What Type Of Plan Is Right For You?

If you already have a primary care physician you need to talk to them and find out what sort of insurance plan they accept. Unless you’re open to switching medical care providers you will want to opt into insurance coverage they work with. 

Some of the different kinds of plans are HMO, EPO, PPO, and POS. If you’re not sure what the difference is between these kinds of insurance plans are you’ll want to talk it over with the insurance provider. 

What Can You Afford

Naturally, you don’t want to overextend yourself. If you can’t afford a certain policy you can’t afford it. Don’t try to spend on a policy you don’t have the money for. Instead, go over your budget and look at what you can afford. From there you’ll be able to comb through the plans that fit into this budget. 

Out-of-Pocket Costs

Different plans will have different kinds of out-of-pocket costs. If you rarely visit your doctor this may not be much of an issue. However, if you see your doctor on a regular basis you’ll want to go for a service that has lower out-of-pocket costs for the medical service you use (such as seeing your doctor, if you often need emergency care, or if you’re expecting a baby). 

When looking for the right health insurance it is important to shop around and compare all the options. Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. can help you with this. So, if you live in greater Frederick, MD you should give the team at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. a call to see how they can help.