Things to Consider When Insuring a Home in Maryland

When thinking about home insurance, it is a wise strategy to talk over the specifics with your agent at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serving Frederick, MD and the surrounding area. There are new risks that may be surprising. Many things are happening now due to the severe weather caused by climate change. Here are two things to consider.

Tornadoes in Maryland

When most people think about tornadoes, they usually think about Kansas, Oklahoma, or Texas. Few would consider Maryland as being a place that has tornadoes. Nevertheless, The Baltimore Sun reported that by the end of May 2019, there had already been five tornadoes in Maryland during the first half of the year.

Tornadoes touched down in Frederick and Howard counties. Tornadoes also hit the areas around Clarksville, Federalsburg, and Monkton. 2019 is the most intense year for tornadoes when compared to the last five years and may beat the record number of tornadoes to hit within one year. That happened in 2011 when 18 tornadoes hit Maryland.

May is usually the month when the tornadoes are the most prevalent; however, they can happen at any time of the year. In November 2018, two workers died when a tornado hit an Amazon warehouse located in East Baltimore.

Hail in Maryland

The same kind of severe weather patterns, which make tornadoes, can make hail the size of golf balls or larger. The Baltimore Sun reported that hail the size of golf balls fell during August 2091. More recent reports say hail the size of tennis balls fell during early November 2019.

These ice balls are as powerful as cannonballs shot at your house. They break windows easily. They smash through roofs and can even fly through lightweight walls, such as garage walls.


Hail smashing into your home or a tornado ripping the roof off is not ordinary things that people think about when getting adequate home insurance coverage. If you already have home insurance, do you know if damage from these severe weather events is covered by your home insurance policy?

It is best not to assume these things are covered. Get a home insurance review and a quote from your agent at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. in Frederick, MD. Also, discuss the benefits of having replacement cost coverage.

Auto Insurance Requirements for Vehicles in Frederick, MD

Maryland is a mandatory vehicle insurance state. In other words, all people who own a car must have liability insurance before their vehicle can be registered in the state. Furthermore, the liability policy must meet the minimum requirements. 

Read on for more information on Maryland’s auto insurance requirements:

What Are Car Insurance Requirements in Maryland?

1.  All vehicles must always have minimum amounts of liability auto insurance coverage by an insurance company licensed in Maryland. At a minimum, vehicle insurance must cover:

  • $30,000 for the bodily injury or death liability of one person in a collision caused by the driver of the vehicle
  • $60,000 for the total bodily injury or death liability of two or more people in an accident caused by the driver of the vehicle
  • $15,000 for property damage per collision

2.  If a car owner plans on canceling their auto insurance in Maryland, then they must return their license plates to any Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) branch office.

3.  If a car owner moves out of state without returning their license plates, they must provide the MVA with the necessary information:

  • Copy of registration from the state in which the vehicle is currently titled
  • The date the vehicle was titled in the current state
  • Maryland tag and title number

Fines and Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Maryland

The state of Maryland imposes a fine if a car is driven without auto insurance. For the first 30 days, the fine is $150, and it is $7 for each additional day, up to an annual maximum of $2500 per vehicle.

In addition to fines, the MVA may impose several administrative penalties for driving without auto insurance.

  • Loss of vehicle registration
  • Loss of license plates
  • Impound vehicle 
  • Transfer case to the Central Collections Unit (CCU)

If you need more information on obtaining auto insurance in Maryland, contact Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. in Frederick, MD today!