Can You Have More Than One Life Insurance Policy?

When it comes to life insurance, there are many things to know, which can make the process of protecting those who are important to you confusing. For example, many people wonder if they can purchase more than one life insurance policy. The answer to that is yes! You can have several policies, which is a great strategy to help provide comprehensive protection for beneficiaries. 

Purchasing Life Insurance

The first thing to consider when shopping for life insurance is the value of the policy you want to purchase. Calculating the expenses of the beneficiary for the next 10 years is the first step. An insurance agent can help clients arrive at an accurate calculation. Some things to consider are recurring expenses such as mortgage and utilities. Other things to include may be medical premiums as well as tuition. If more than one life insurance policy is needed, consult with the agent about which combinations would be most appropriate.

A Valuable Resource

Insurance agencies are there to help clients get the top quality insurance products they need to protect the important people and investments in their lives. Working with a licensed life insurance agent from Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serving Frederick, MD is the first step towards protecting those you care about in the event of your untimely passing. Get peace of mind that only life insurance can provide. 

Call or stop by Wellspring Insurane Network Inc to get the information about life insurance you need if you live near Frederick, MD. Their agents are excited to work with you to achieve your goals and provide security for the future. 

Is Your Commercial Insurance Policy Up To Date?

If you work in or around the Frederick, MD area and have a business with a commercial insurance policy, it’s time to come talk to us at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. We understand the importance of commercial insurance for taking care of your business needs. We also know that updating an insurance policy should be done at least once a year, because needs and requirements can change. When you haven’t updated your policy for a while, you might not be as fully protected as you think you are or would like to be. We can change that, and help you make an informed choice about your policy.

From large retail stores to small mom-and-pop restaurants, and everything in between, businesses need good insurance they can rely on. That makes them feel safe and protects their interests. A good insurance policy also protects employees and customers, so the business can keep things moving and have the peace of mind they need to focus on the tasks at hand. When a policy is out of date, though, there can be worries that it doesn’t provide the right type and level of coverage to keep the business adequately protected. Updates to the policy reduce those concerns.

Contact us today at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. You can give us a call or stop in to see us, and we’ll be happy to answer your commercial insurance policy questions. We serve the entire Frederick, MD area, and work with all types of businesses to help them get the policies they need. The right coverage will change over time, and we’re prepared to help your business continue to be safe and protected. Then you can get back to focusing on the business itself, and helping it grow, develop, and serve its customers.