Hidden Health Insurance Benefits Maryland Residents May Not Be Aware of

Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serves the Frederick, MD community by offering different insurance policies. As an independent agency, our clients are able to look at multiple options so that they can choose the policies that cover all of their needs.

Health Insurance

Health insurance allows you to have protection in the event of a medical emergency. Your policy ensures that you will receive coverage when you need it most. While you are researching different policies, here are some health insurance benefits that you may not be aware of.

Alternative Treatments

Your policy may include coverage if you attempt to try alternative treatments such as acupuncture or massage therapy. Do some research and inquire about the different types of treatment that your health insurance policy may cover.

Staying Healthy

Some health insurance policies are now containing language aimed at helping people stay healthy. Some health insurance policies now contain benefits for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Research some policies to see if you may qualify for additional benefits for signing up for a gym membership.

Virtual Care

Virtual Care allows you to receive medical treatment over the telephone or in front of a computer. Many people enjoy virtual care because it allows them to receive on-demand service. Your policy may include language that allows you to enjoy virtual care and avoid long wait times.

Vacation Coverage

No one likes to get sick while they are out of town enjoying themselves. However, during a medical emergency, while you are on vacation, you may be able to receive care. Some policies will allow you to visit a doctor during your vacation. It depends on your plan.

Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. Can Help!

For more information on different health insurance policies, stop by our office in Frederick MD. We will work with you to help you find the insurance coverage that you need.

What to Look for in a Rental Property

Looking for a rental home in Frederick, MD can be a challenge. If you’re single or a recently married couple, you will have different needs than a couple with several children. Here are a few ideas from Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. on what to look for in a rental to help you find the perfect home.   


Location is key for most tenants. A place close to school or work would cut down on your commute time and save gas money. It’s also convenient to have a supermarket, pharmacy, or bank in the vicinity of your rental home or apartment. For safety sake, it’s best to rent in an area where crime rates are low and neighbors watch out for each other.

Quality Schools and Child-Friendly Parks

If you have children, you may want your rental home near a good school district to facilitate your kids in getting a quality education. A place close to parks or community sports center will make it easier for your kids to get fresh air and exercise.

Move-In Readiness

Your rental home should be in excellent shape, not requiring painting, cleaning, or repairs. If your rental comes with major appliances such as stove, refrigerator, washer, and dryer, that’s a plus. A clean, well-maintained property will probably have fewer plumbing, HVAC, and bug problems.

Space and Comfort

Make sure your rental is big enough to accommodate your family. This includes sufficient living, kitchen, dining, and bedroom space so you don’t feel crowded. You’ll also appreciate living in a home with good natural lighting and enough storage space for your belongings.

Once you’ve found your perfect rental in Frederick, MD, talk to your Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. agent about renter’s insurance to protect you against accidents, theft, and property damage. We look forward to meeting your insurance needs.