Commercial Insurance Myths Small Business Owners In Maryland Must Avoid

Based in Frederick, MD, Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serves the community by helping residents find the insurance coverage that they need. We strive to help our clients find policies that will assist them regardless of their needs. As an independent agency, we offer our clients a wide variety of options to help them choose the best policy for their situation.

Commercial Insurance Myths To Avoid

Emerging small businesses have helped stimulate the Frederick, MD economy. If you are a small business owner in the community, commercial insurance will help you protect the future of your business. The policy covers your business if you are involved in a potential liability dispute over an injury to one of your customers or employees. You will also be covered if your physical property is damaged as a result of a fire or natural disaster. While you research different policies, avoid some of the inaccurate information regarding commercial insurance.

Commercial Insurance Isn’t Necessary Because I Have A Small Business

Your business is an investment. Regardless of whether you have a large number of employees or a traditional building that you operate out of, it’s important that you protect your investment. Accidents can occur at any time. Commercial insurance will protect you if something were to happen.

Liability Coverage Is Comprehensive

While liability coverage does cover your business against a few risks, it does not offer comprehensive coverage. You’ll have to amend your policy in order to cover your business if your equipment is damaged in a natural disaster or if you are involved in a liability dispute with one of your employees.

I Don’t Have To Worry About Cyber Coverage

In this current age of technology, you have to prepare for the threat of a hacker. Commercial insurance will cover you if you suffer a cyberattack.  

Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. Will Help You Protect Your Asset

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Three resources to take advantage of when you search for the right life insurance policy

Doing your research and taking advantage of resources available is important when you’re shopping for life insurance. We provide life insurance in Frederick, MD at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc.

The following are three resources to take advantage of when you search for the right life insurance policy.

The Internet

There is a lot of information about life insurance on the Internet. You can use the Internet to learn about life insurance. You can research the different types of life insurance and get information on how to calculate how much life insurance coverage you need.

The Internet is also great for comparing the offerings of various life insurance providers. Using the Internet, you can get quotes on life insurance policies. You can also compare the policy offerings of different life insurance providers. 

Advice from an accountant or financial advisor

Life insurance is a key financial product. As such, it’s always a good idea to discuss it with a financial advisor or accountant before you buy it. 

If you have a financial advisor or accountant, he or she should have some valuable insights on your life insurance needs. Therefore, make sure you take advantage of his or her advice. 

Representatives from insurance providers

Another great source of information on life insurance options is representatives from insurance agencies. If you have questions, it’s always a good idea to contact a life insurance company directly and speak to a representative. 

Life insurance agency representatives will be very informed when it comes to how life insurance works and what your life insurance options are. 

We’re here to help when you’re looking for your best life insurance option in Frederick, MD. Contact us at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. to learn about the life insurance options we provide in Maryland.