What Happens If Your Auto Insurance Lapses?

You always want to avoid any lapses in your auto insurance policy. Here at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serving the greater Frederick, MD area, we have found that many people do not fully understand what it means to have an auto insurance lapse and why this is a bad thing. Here is what you need to know about auto insurance lapses. 

What is an Auto Insurance Lapse?

An auto insurance lapse, also called an auto insurance gap, means that you did not have auto insurance coverage. Some people fail to pay their auto insurance policy and experience a lapse, while other people simply do not renew their policy or obtain a new one. A lapse can be a short period of time, such as a  day or a week, or a prolonged period of time, such as months or years. 

What Happens if Your Auto Insurance Lapses?

If your auto insurance lapses, you do not have any auto insurance coverage. By law, you are not legally allowed to be driving around with auto insurance. Your registration may also be revoked or suspended if your auto insurance lapses. 

In the long term, your auto insurance rates may increase if you have a lapse in your auto insurance coverage. You often get a discount for continuously having auto insurance coverage, so you lose this discount due to a lapse. 

Don’t let your auto insurance lapse. If your current auto insurance policy in the Frederick, MD area is set to be canceled, contact Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. today. We can help you to quickly get a new auto insurance policy so you do not have a lapse in auto insurance. 

How Does a Speeding Ticket Affect Car Insurance?

When a person purchases an auto insurance policy, it is extremely important to maintain a clean driving record. Any type of traffic violation may or may not impact a person’s monthly premium. Fortunately, there are certain steps a person can take to help mitigate the risk of a premium going up if a person gets a speeding ticket. Here at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc., we are all about making sure you can afford your auto insurance and we want to do everything we can to make your policy as affordable as possible. This is why we put together a helpful go-to guide to help you understand how a speeding ticket affects car insurance in Frederick, MD. 

Look for a Defensive Driving Course

A defensive driving course is also sometimes referred to as traffic school. As a driver, you want to make sure you are always going the speed limit, but it’s not uncommon for people to get at least one speeding ticket during their lifetime as a driver. If you happen to be one of these people, you should contact your insurance company and ask about a defensive driving course. You may find you are able to have your ticket dismissed. Typically, you can have one ticket dismissed per every 12 months. Even better, some of these courses are offered online, allowing you to complete them at your own convenience. 

Speeding Tickets Increase Your Rates

Here’s the truth of the matter. A speeding ticket is likely to increase your policy amount because it reveals you are not abiding by the law when behind the wheel of a car. Always go the speed limit.

To learn more about speeding tickets and how they impact car insurance, contact Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serving Frederick, MD.

The One Secret to Saving on Auto Insurance

Have you every wondered how other people get lower auto insurance rates in Rockville, MD? There are many different things that can factor into this cost, but there is one thing that you have control over. This can save you a lot of money over time. Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. wants you to save as much as you can, which is why they recommend increasing your deductible.

Saving By Increasing Your Deductible

Your deductible is something that you will need to pay out of pocket in case you have a claim. It is something that you must pay before your auto insurance company pays anything. However, you will likely not have to do this very often and with the infrequency of paying a deductible, paying more for a lower one every month does not make sense. In fact, the lower your deductible, the more you can save every month. On average, you can save about 7 percent if you increase your deductible from $250 to $500. If you increase it from $500 to $1,000, you can save up to 9 percent every month. If you want to save up to 16 percent, you can increase it from $500 to $2,000. In case you are worried about having to pay this deductible and not have the money to do so, you should consider putting your monthly savings aside for a rainy day. Once you have this set-aside, you will continue to save money every month while being ready to pay the deductible whenever you need to.

Increasing your deductible can save you a significant amount of money over time. If you want to know exactly how much, be sure to reach out to Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serving Rockville, MD today.

3 Reasons You Need Auto Insurance in Maryland

Although the amount of coverage one acquires varies from person to person, for most states, purchasing auto insurance coverage is non-negotiable. Indeed, although some may shun the idea of insurance coverage, many others realize the value of maintaining quality coverage over time. Do you live in the state of Maryland and need reasons to purchase an auto insurance policy? Keep Reading. 

Proof of Insurance

While it may sound minuscule, being unable to provide proof of insurance may prevent you from registering your vehicle, acquiring parking passes, and more. The only way to obtain legitimate proof of insurance is by acquiring auto insurance coverage for your vehicle. 

Accident-Proof Your Vehicle

While there is not exactly a way to make your car accident-proof, purchasing a high quality insurance package can make it so you never have to worry about your vehicle. With the option to cover your vehicle against any and all potential incidents, there is no need to live in fear of a minor or even major fender bender. 

 Avoid Costly Lawsuits

Lastly, one of the top reasons you need auto insurance in Maryland is to avoid costly lawsuits. If you are involved in an accident of some sort, individuals and businesses will be able to come after you for astronomical costs. Purchase a high quality auto insurance policy to avoid these issues. 

Overall, if you are looking for high quality auto insurance coverage within the state of Maryland, Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. is a great place to start. Stop by, call in, or email us for a fast quote as well as more information on how you can save. 

Do You Have Enough Auto Insurance In Place?

Determining whether you have enough auto insurance in Rockville, MD is of the utmost importance. The last thing you want is to file a claim with the insurance company only to find out that you are missing coverage or that you have to pay out-of-pocket for more than what you can afford.

What are the Limits?

The limits for each of the forms of coverage you need to be examined. For example, if you have $50,000 worth of property damage coverage, this may be sufficient for most accidents. However, if you have been involved in accidents in the past and the total damage was $75,000, you would be financially responsible for the remaining $25,000. This means that you need to take the time to look at the limits to see whether they are going to provide you with enough financial protection.

Often, increasing the limits will only increase the cost of the premiums by a small amount of money. This means it may be worth it to increase the coverage so that you reduce the likelihood of having to pay out-of-pocket.

Do You Have Enough Coverage?

In addition to the limits, you also have to look at the different types of coverage you have in place on your auto insurance policy. At Wellspring Insurance Network Inc., we can talk to you about collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured, PIP, and more. You can learn how each will provide you with protection and whether it is something that you want to include on your policy.

The state dictates the minimum levels of coverage that you need to have, though it may be best if you have more coverage so that you are better protected throughout the year.

When you want to learn more about your auto insurance in Rockville, MD, contact Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. today. One of our independent insurance agents will help you to find sufficient coverage and an affordable policy.




3 Relatively Unknown Facts About Auto Insurance

Most people only know so much about their insurance policies, which is entirely understandable considering they are full of technical info and many pages long. Unless you deal with it all day, it’s difficult to remember all of the terms and stipulations. Here are 3 things you may not know about your auto insurance in Rockville, MD, so you can feel a little more prepared. 

1. One Size Does Not Fit All 

Insurance is dependent on a variety of factors, meaning that when a relative tells you something about your policy, you shouldn’t necessarily take their word for it. When a friend asks to borrow your car, and lets you know that they’re covered, you may want to double check their statement. Your policy is determined by a number of factors, so Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. wants you to be careful before you make your choices. 

2. Liability Is Hardly Ever Worth It 

Unless you have a car that was given to you for free and you know you have enough money in the bank to finance another cheap replacement, liability normally isn’t worth the risk. If you damage your car and have to pay for the damages, those costs add up very quickly. Or if you manage to total your car entirely, you will be out of transportation completely until you’re able to find another one. 

3. Deductibles Are Per Accident Not Per Year 

A health insurance deductible will normally be per year, meaning if you have a $3,000 deductible, and spend $1,500 in May and $1,500 in November, you can’t be charged any more money in December. But an auto insurance deductible doesn’t work that way. You’re paying per incident as opposed to per year.

If you live in Rockville, MD and are wondering how you can ensure a safe drive every time, then give Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. a call for more information about our services. 

A Time to Celebrate Mothers


 As the second Sunday of May nears, it’s time to think of ways to celebrate mothers – although, of course, that’s a worthy pursuit at any time of year!

At Wellspring Insurance Network Inc., we thought it would be fun to give you a little of the history behind Mother’s Day, as well as a few ideas to honor the special women in all our lives.

Ancient beginnings:

According to MothersDayCentral.com, the ancient Egyptians held an annual festival to honor “the mother of the pharaohs” . This is one of the earliest historical records of a society celebrating a mother.

How Mother’s Day came to be in the U.S.

In 1870, Julia Ward Howe, a social activist and poet (and author of the lyrics for “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”) had became distraught by the toll of the Civil War. She issued a “Mother’s Day Proclamation” that year, calling on mothers to protest the killing and create a day celebrating peace and motherhood. Howe’s proclamation did not result in a national Mother’s Day, but in 1908, Anna Jarvis of West Virginia took up the cause. She wanted to accomplish her mother’s dream of making a celebration of all mothers. By 1909, more than 40 states were holding Mother’s Day services, even though it was not a national holiday.

In 1912, according to Wikipedia, West Virginia was the first state to officially observe Mother’s Day. Jarvis continued to promote the day until President Woodrow Wilson made it an official national holiday in 1914.She later regretted creating the holiday, believing that it had become too commercialized.

Enough with the history – where are the gift ideas?

Like us at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc., we know you might have more urgent concerns on your mind, like last-minute shopping, so here are the most popular Mother’s Day gifts, according to MothersDayCentral.com.

image1 (1)Flowers

Gift baskets

Personalized gifts



Spa gifts


Of course, perhaps the best gift of all is getting in touch and letting the moms in your life know just how much they mean to you. Happy Mother’s Day!








Easy Tips to Keep Your Car Clean

With spring right around the corner, many peoples’ thoughts turn to spring cleaning.  They get busy with those home improvement projects, cleaning out that shed in the backyard, and repainting the dining room a crisper shade of white.  But what many people don’t realize is their cars need spring cleaning, too.  It’s not always as simple as taking your car to the local car wash or spraying it down and soaping it up in the driveway.  There are small tasks that are easily overlooked, but can mean the difference between driving safely and risking an accident.  With that in mind, here are four easy to follow tips that will help keep your car clean.

Don’t Forget the Headlights

After you’ve been driving around for a few years, the plastic inside your car’s headlights starts to oxidize, giving it a cloudy, yellowish tint.  This can be dangerous, especially if you do a lot of night driving, because that film can decrease the amount of light put out by the headlights.  If you can’t afford a fancy cleaning solution, try dabbing a bit of toothpaste on a rag, wiping the headlight housings, and then rinsing with water.  You’ll be amazed by the results!

Don’t Be a Streaker

If you cart around your kids or pets, you’re all too familiar with streaks.  They can be fingerprints, nose and tongue prints, or anything else that mucks up the interior windows (and sometimes the windshield or back window!).  Those streaks may seem harmless, but they can affect your visibility while driving.  To get rid of them, mix up a solution of ¼ cup vinegar and ¼ cup rubbing alcohol.  Spray this on your windows, and then wipe them down with newspapers for a streak-free finish.

Dashboards and Interiors

Your dashboard and other interior components can really take a beating from the sun and the elements.  Additionally, a cluttered vehicle can pose distraction hazards while driving.  Kick the clutter out of your car and use a bit of mild laundry soap to clean your dash and interior upholstery.  Wipe it off with a soft cloth when you’re done, and admire how much better your interior looks.

Blast the Bugs

Dead bugs plastered to your car are never a good look.  To get rid of them without potentially damaging your car’s paint job, you can just use water and a good car soap.  Work in small areas, cleaning off the bugs, and rinse when you finish each area.

Another way to keep your car clean is to keep your insurance search as streamlined as possible.  With so many companies out there looking for a good agent can be an intimidating process.  But here at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. we simplify the insurance buying process.  Our agents will help you find the policy that suits your needs, contact us today!



Three ways to become a safer driver today

Want to be a better driver? There are some ways to change those poor driving habits by planning ahead, having a calm attitude and putting away the gadgets. Here are five tips to make you a better driver today.

1. Focus on the right things.

Of course, you need to and should keep your eyes on the car directly in front of you. It’s also a good idea to raise your gaze by looking regular at the car four or five vehicles ahead of you too. If that car or truck slows or hits the brakes, you’ll have more reaction time to respond.

Further, be careful not to stare at an accident or object to your side or in the far distance. Doing so can cause you to veer in the direction of the object.

2, Set the rules with kids.

Children can be a major distraction when driving. The best thing to do is to lay down very clear, simple to understand guidelines for children riding in the car. These can range from no screaming, no kicking the back of the seat, no pulling the seatbelt from behind. Explain that you need to keep your eyes on the road and reward good behavior.

3. Put away the phone.

Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents today, and the No. 1 culprit is the use of phones. If you are tempted to read or send texts or emails while driving, put your phone in a far-away spot like the glove compartment or trunk. You can still use voice-activated features if your car is so equipped.

Safe driving leads to fewer accidents. To make sure you’re getting the best price and have the proper insurance coverage, contact the Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. today for a free quote or to review your existing policy.

The Most Useful Items to Have in Your Car

There are a few things every driver should keep in his or her vehicle to be ready to handle any situation. A little preparation can be the difference between a close call and a disaster. Read on to find out which items drivers find most useful to have on hand.

1. Jumper Cables – While they don’t top the charts for versatility, there is a very good chance jumper cables will come in handy, particularly if you live in a dry or cold climate. Jump starter boxes are even more convenient because they will get you back on the road whether or not there are any other cars around link up to.

2. Duct tape – Unlike jumper cables, duct tape has nearly limitless possibility and will certainly make itself worth the purchase next time you need to seal, bind, or attach something.

3. Tow rope – Again, there is no way to imagine all the ways a good sturdy rope could be of use. It’s often used for towing, so make sure you find something that is strong enough to handle the job.

4. Multi-tool – Save yourself some center console real estate and get a gadget with lots of mini-gadgets built in. Things to look for on a good multi-tool are a sharp knife, a tire gauge, and a screwdriver.

5. Small shovel – This one is of particular importance for people who drive in places with lots of snow. You’re guaranteed to feel no buyer’s remorse when you are digging your tires out of a snowbank. 

6. Proof of Insurance – If you were to try to prepare for every disaster possible, your car would have no room for any passengers. That’s why good automobile coverage is absolutely essential. Contact Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. today to make sure you, your vehicle, and all its passengers have a reliable safety net.