Who should get home insurance?

In the Frederick, MD area, there continue to be many different advantages that come when you purchase a home. If you are going to own a home here, you can benefit from the long-term price appreciation as well as knowing you have a consistent and stable place to live. When you are going to purchase a home here, you also need to carefully consider your insurance needs. There are several situations when someone should get home insurance. 

When Looking to Receive Top Protection

A home is a very major investment and asset that you should protect as well as possible. The best way that you can do this is by getting an appropriate insurance policy. With a full home insurance policy, you will receive the coverage needed to repair your home if it is damaged in a variety of situations. Your policy can also give some personal liability protection and protect your personal assets.

When Required to Carry Insurance

You also need to get home insurance when it is a requirement for you. Many people in this area of Maryland will take out a mortgage when they buy their home. If you do have financing on your property, you will want to ensure that you meet the lender’s insurance standards. It is also quite common for someone to have to escrow their payments on a monthly basis to ensure they do not have a lapse in coverage.

As you are looking for home insurance in the Frederick, MD area, you should call Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. When you work with Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. for your insurance needs, you will know that you are in good hands. The team here can help you assess your personal situation to determine what type of policy is needed. 

Top tips to prepare your home for fall

With fall just around the corner in the Frederick, MD area, it is critical that homeowners start preparing their homes for fall now to mitigate against potential insurance claims. The agents at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. have put together these useful tips to help homeowners prepare.

Gutters and downspouts 

It is critical that homeowners have their gutters and downspouts cleaned before fall. Failure to do so could lead to clogged gutters and that leads to water damage in your home. Water damage claims can be very costly. If your home is surrounded by trees it is important to make sure the gutters remain clear through the season. 

Trim your trees 

If you have any trees that have limbs hanging over the roof, it is a good time of year to have the tree branches trimmed back. If the branches snap and come down on the roof it could cause major roof damage. 

Check your windows and doors

You will want to check the seals on your windows and doors to make sure there are no gaps. If you find any gaps, you will want to make sure they are sealed up. Not only will this prevent moisture from getting in and causing damage, but it will also help with your energy efficiency and keep your heating bills lower.

Roof inspection 

Fall is also a good time to have your roof inspected. If the inspector finds any damage it is a good time of year to have the repairs made so the roof is not further damaged during the fall season. As leaves start to put weight on the roof, it is imperative to make sure it is structurally sound which an inspection will confirm. 

If you are interested in learning more useful tips to avoid insurance claims and repairs for fall, reach out to an agent at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc today. We proudly serve the Frederick, MD area.

When should I get a home insurance policy in Maryland?

For those that are in the Frederick, MD area, owning a property can be a great option. When you own your property in this area, you can enjoy the long-term financial benefits and also have a stable place to live. When you are looking to purchase a home in this area, you also need to make sure you get a quality home insurance policy. 

When Taking Out a Loan

One situation when you should get a home insurance policy is when you are going to take out a loan. If you need a mortgage to purchase your property, it is important that you comply with all of your loan obligations. One big part of this is making sure that you have proper insurance coverage. Any mortgage lender is going to have specific requirements that need to be met. Not having this coverage could put you in loan default.

When Wanting to Cover Asset

Even if you are not obligated by a mortgage lender to carry home insurance, you should still get it for your property. When you do get a home insurance policy, it will protect your asset. This will include providing you with coverage to repair or replace your home following a fire or other serious situation. This coverage can also provide you with protection for your personal assets. For those with expensive collectibles or jewelry, you can receive additional policy riders to ensure you are fully covered. 

If you are looking to purchase a home or are evaluating your home insurance needs in the Frederick, MD area, you should speak with the team at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. The insurance professionals at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. can help you to identify your insurance needs to properly protect and cover your assets. 

3 Ways Home Insurance Can Protect You

The next step after finding that perfect home is purchasing home insurance to protect it. Home insurance will cover the cost of home repairs if your structure is damaged by fire, hail, lightning strikes, blizzards, and other disasters. You can also obtain coverage to protect you against liability claims and safeguard your belongings. Here’s how a standard home insurance policy from Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. can protect your Frederick, MD home and other valuable assets.   

Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling insurance covers the cost of repairing damage to your structure in the event of a catastrophe. Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and winter storms are common in Maryland, putting homeowners at risk of damage to their property. Dwelling coverage can help you recover quicker from a disaster. For protection against flooding, however, you’ll need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy.

Property Insurance

Property insurance covers your belongings to include shoes, clothing, jewelry, furniture, electronics, and appliances. Actual cash value coverage will help pay for the value of your items minus depreciation. Replacement cost coverage will cover the entire cost of replacing your goods (minus your deductible) if they’re stolen or destroyed in a disaster.  

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects you against a lawsuit if a visitor has an accident on your property. Backyard BBQs and dinner parties may be a lot of fun, but they also pose the risk of someone having an accident on your property, especially when serving alcoholic beverages. Liability insurance covers the cost of injuries so you don’t have to. If you’re sued for damages, liability helps pay your legal costs, up to the limits of your policy. The more liability coverage you have, the greater your protection against a lawsuit.

For greater insight into home insurance options and costs, call or visit Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. in Frederick, MD. 

Things to Consider When Insuring a Home in Maryland

When thinking about home insurance, it is a wise strategy to talk over the specifics with your agent at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serving Frederick, MD and the surrounding area. There are new risks that may be surprising. Many things are happening now due to the severe weather caused by climate change. Here are two things to consider.

Tornadoes in Maryland

When most people think about tornadoes, they usually think about Kansas, Oklahoma, or Texas. Few would consider Maryland as being a place that has tornadoes. Nevertheless, The Baltimore Sun reported that by the end of May 2019, there had already been five tornadoes in Maryland during the first half of the year.

Tornadoes touched down in Frederick and Howard counties. Tornadoes also hit the areas around Clarksville, Federalsburg, and Monkton. 2019 is the most intense year for tornadoes when compared to the last five years and may beat the record number of tornadoes to hit within one year. That happened in 2011 when 18 tornadoes hit Maryland.

May is usually the month when the tornadoes are the most prevalent; however, they can happen at any time of the year. In November 2018, two workers died when a tornado hit an Amazon warehouse located in East Baltimore.

Hail in Maryland

The same kind of severe weather patterns, which make tornadoes, can make hail the size of golf balls or larger. The Baltimore Sun reported that hail the size of golf balls fell during August 2091. More recent reports say hail the size of tennis balls fell during early November 2019.

These ice balls are as powerful as cannonballs shot at your house. They break windows easily. They smash through roofs and can even fly through lightweight walls, such as garage walls.


Hail smashing into your home or a tornado ripping the roof off is not ordinary things that people think about when getting adequate home insurance coverage. If you already have home insurance, do you know if damage from these severe weather events is covered by your home insurance policy?

It is best not to assume these things are covered. Get a home insurance review and a quote from your agent at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. in Frederick, MD. Also, discuss the benefits of having replacement cost coverage.

When is a Fence Covered By Home Insurance?

Replacing a fence can be costly. This is why it is so important to know whether you are responsible for replacing your fence or whether your homeowner’s insurance will cover any damage or a possible fence replacement. At Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serving Frederick, MD, we want to help you understand when a fence may be covered by home insurance. Here are three scenarios in which a fence would be covered. 

Due to a Falling Tree

If your neighbor’s tree falls on your fence, or if a tree from your yard falls unexpectedly, the damage done to the fence or the cost to replace the fence may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. The only time damage from a tree is not covered is if the tree collapsed or damaged the fence due to your neglect, such as failing to trim back your tree. 

Thanks to a Storm

Another common event that can damage your fence is a storm. Heavy rains or strong wind gusts can knock a fence over. If your fence topples due to a storm that has passed through, and your fence was otherwise in relatively good shape, homeowners insurance may pay for repairs or the cost to replace the fence. 

When Vandalism Is Involved

The final reason a fence may be covered by home insurance is due to vandalism. If someone spray paints your fence, the repair, cleaning or replacement costs may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. 

Many homeowners do not realize everything that their homeowner’s policy may or may not cover. Here at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serving the greater Frederick, MD area, we are committed to helping homeowners understand the ins and outs of their homeowner’s insurance policies. Call us now with any questions you may have or to obtain a price quote for a new policy. 

Home Insurance Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

As a new homeowner, it’s important you understand the ins and outs of home insurance and the protection it provides. Learning the basics is key to getting the right insurance coverage. At Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. we can explain how home insurance works and answer questions you may have about coverage and costs. Here are some facts you should know before buying a policy for your Frederick, MD home.

Areas to Cover

A good home insurance policy will cover your dwelling, personal goods, liability, and living expenses if you can’t occupy the home due to a disaster. Your coverage should be enough to rebuild your home, if necessary, replace your goods, safeguard you against lawsuits and cover the cost of living elsewhere while home repairs are being done.

Replacement Value vs Cash Value

Cash value coverage pays for the value of personal goods minus depreciation, which may be insufficient to replace your property. Replacement value coverage provides funds to replace everything that’s stolen or lost in a covered peril, saving you thousands of dollars out of pocket. You’ll pay more for replacement value coverage but the protection you receive makes up for it.

Claims Handling

Make sure you understand and agree to how your insurer handles the claims process. Some companies pay for losses upfront; others pay a fraction and make you wait for the rest. Some pay for all personal property losses while others only pay for the items you replace. Discuss the claims process with your insurer before signing on the dotted line.

Extra Insurance Coverage

If you own pricey goods, you may need extra insurance to fully protect these valuables as the limits of a standard homeowner’s policy may not cover what these goods are worth.  

For customized home insurance coverage at reasonable costs, contact Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. in Frederick, MD.

How Homeowner’s Helps after Disasters

An unfortunate reality of owning a home is the need for constant disaster preparation. Severe weather and other unforeseen events are the biggest and most likely risk for significant damages to a piece of property. Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serves Frederick, MD and the surrounding areas, giving personalized coverage that factors local issues and regulations into homeowner’s insurance policies. 

The best form of protection against a disaster is the right kind of homeowner’s insurance. This particular kind of coverage will factor the value of your home along with a deductible to cover expenses in the event of various kinds of structural damage. This is especially important because features such as the roof, windows, and the exterior of the house are often the most commonly damaged items from severe weather, yet they can also be costly to cover out of pocket. Once the cost is verified by an adjuster, an insurance company will give a check that covers the amount of damage beyond your personal deductible. The state of Maryland has more specific information about local coverage laws. They also recommend being prepared for specific threats to the state such as wind damage and hail, which tend to happen regularly.  Consumers can also check for information about what factors tend to cause rates to change or how to compare different kinds of coverage.   

For more information about protecting your home from a disaster, please contact Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. Experienced professionals who are familiar with the Frederick, MD area are ready to explain coverage options and offer a personalized plan for your home that will keep your investment safe and provide financial help if necessary.  

3 Reasons You Need a Home Inventory

A home inventory is a written or digital account of your personal effects along with documentation of their value. Inventorying your personal effects enables you to keep better track of your goods and keeps you up to date on your financial assets. Here are a few ways in which a home inventory can be to your benefit.

Personal Organization

If you’re like most people, you probably own quite a bit of material goods, making it difficult to remember them all. A home inventory helps you organize these goods digitally or on paper, so you will have an accurate account of your personal effects. Your inventory should include a list of your belongings, a brief description of each, date and place of purchase, receipts (if you have them) and photos that verify their condition and value. If anything should happen to your property, you can use this document to verify ownership and recuperate items that are lost or stolen.

Estate Planning

A home inventory can be extremely helpful in estate planning. Rather than go through every item in person, you can refer to your inventory when deciding what items to bequeath to family and friends and what items to donate after you’re gone. A well-organized inventory puts important information concerning personal assets at your fingertips when you need it most.

Insurance Claims

Home inventories can help simplify insurance claims. In the event of theft, damage or loss of personal goods from your home, you can present your inventory to an adjuster from Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. in Rockville, MD to verify your loss. Having your valuables documented for proof of ownership and value makes it easy to file your claim and recuperate your losses.

For more information on how to make and use a home inventory, contact us at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. in Rockville, MD.

Keeping your home safe from fires

A fire can damage, or even destroy your home in a very short time.  It is a good idea then to do all you can to prevent fires, and if you take some precautions, you will significantly reduce the chances of a fire developing. The Wellspring  Insurance Network in Rockville, MD offers these suggestions for making your home safe, and for preventing fires.

  • The smoke alarm. Almost all homes have smoke alarms, but they are operated by batteries that can go bad. These should be checked yearly, or maybe every six months just to make sure. A consumer Protection Agency report says 65 percent of deaths in home fires happen in houses without a working smoke alarm
  • Extension cords are another hazard that can be easily prevented. Often they are used in homes, and they should be inspected regularly to make sure there is no excessive wear or exposed wiring. Also make sure there are no papers or other flammable material around cords.
  • Fire hazards. Removing fire hazards is obviously the best way to prevent fires, but they are not always obvious. It is a good idea to inspect your home regularly, and to look for anything that could be a problem. A cord getting worn, gas or other flammable liquids left out are just a couple of things to look for.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy. Make sure these are in working order, and that everyone in the home knows how to operate them. This can stop a small fire from spreading and prevent major damage before it gets started. 
  • Heating. If you use portable heaters, make sure you turn them off when you go to sleep.  It is also important to keep paper or cloth products away from them so they do not start a fire. 

Use these tips to prevent fires in your home. Come by, or call the Wellspring Insurance Network in Rockville, Md to make sure you have the coverage you need for your home.