Is motorcycle insurance mandatory?

Though a motorcycle is a substantial investment, it comes with other financial obligations you need to take care of. Most people in Frederick, MD always ask themselves whether motorcycle insurance is mandatory. Others think that they don’t require motorcycle insurance when they have car insurance.

Do you need motorbike insurance in Maryland?

Of course, you do! According to Maryland law, all motorcycles must be registered and should carry the mandatory minimum amount of liability insurance. Insurance companies like Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. should offer the essential information you require on motorcycle insurance, particularly on the minimum compulsory liability coverage.

Personal injury protection isn’t mandatory for motorcycles

PIP is a component of car insurance coverage that only applies on a no-fault basis. Note that PIP rules for motorcycles in Maryland differ from those of vehicle coverage. Actually, it is not mandatory for a motorcycle policy. Due to this, PIP is rarely offered for motorcycle insurance policies. Unfortunately, this does not favor you as a motorbike user because PIP gives you some protection from injuries after a motorcycle accident even if you were at fault.

Are there penalties for failing to get motorcycle insurance?

Penalties and rules for failing to get motorcycle insurance in Maryland are the same as those for auto insurance. In Maryland, you are required to show proof of insurance if you want to register a motorcycle. This means that you won’t even get a Maryland license plate for your motorbike if you don’t have proper insurance. In case you terminate your motorbike insurance, you are required by law to surrender your tags to the Motor Vehicles Administration in Maryland before your coverage ends. Your insurer will notify the MVA in case your cover lapses as a result of non-payment or is canceled. Note that the penalties and fines for riding without an insurance cover are significant.

Be sure to contact Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. in Frederick, MD for more information on motorcycle insurance.