Do You Really Need Off-Road Insurance?

Everyone in Rockville, MD loves adventure. There is nothing like exploring the bumpy roads off the highway and discovering just how well you can drive when the way is not paved and predictable. Some people, however, choose to go without off-road insurance, which is more risk than you should take in a day. Imagine a curve being too sharp and your ATV flipping over for destruction. You could find yourself out of the recreational vehicle you love if you do not have enough cash in the bank to replace the damaged auto.

The potential for off-road accidents is higher than you know, which is why you should protect yourself and your investment with insurance. Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. can help you find the right off-road indemnity plan.

Why do you need off-road insurance in the first place?

Aside from protecting yourself from financial turmoil in the event of an accident, many state-owned parks and public recreational spots, in general, require you to have off-road assurance. You cannot legally drive your ATV through these areas without proof of financial responsibility that goes beyond the hundreds or thousands that you have saved in the bank. Also, the average homeowner or automobile insurance attachment covers the basics of your ATV in Rockville, MD and nothing more. You may find yourself underinsured if you only depend on the options that standard insurance policies offer.

G & G Independent Ins can help!

Some off-road vehicle owners shy away from off-road insurance plans for fear of the cost. Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. agents, however, can help you find the indemnity plan that works best for your budget.

You do not want to be caught between a rock and a hard place because you failed to protect yourself with a good insurance policy. Call our offices today for an off-road assurance quote!

The 2 Main Types of Wedding Insurance

If you have spent months – or longer – planning your perfect wedding, then any glitches can be extremely stressful. Full-on disasters can be heart-stopping. A great way to protect all the time and effort you have put into planning the perfect event is by purchasing wedding insurance.

There are two main types of wedding insurance that you should consider investing in. To learn more about these, contact the staff at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serving Rockville, MD.


This type of wedding insurance will pay for any damage that occurs to the venue. It may also pay for medical costs if someone becomes sick at your wedding or suffers an injury. In some cases, this type of coverage will include liquor liability insurance, which will pay out if you are sued for any type of damages that result from drunken guests. The limits for most wedding liability insurance range from $500,000 up to $2 million; however, you may find options up to $5 million.


This type of insurance coverage will provide you with reimbursement for costs if you have to delay or cancel your wedding due to an illness or injury in the wedding party, extreme weather, a death in the family, or other reasons that you cannot control. If you wind up having to book a new ceremony, then this insurance can help cover the costs.

If you have a wedding in the near future and want to make sure you are protected if the unthinkable happens, then purchasing wedding insurance is a smart move. Regardless of if you are in Rockville, MD or somewhere nearby, you can get help with making sure you get the right amount and type of coverage by contacting the staff at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc.

3 Questions to Ask When Buying Pet Insurance

Caring for your pet involves much more than providing them with food and shelter-it also means making sure that they are in good health. Pet owners in Rockville, MD, have a responsibility to bring their pet to the vet for routine wellness exams, get their vaccinations, take them for a checkup when they are sick and ensure they have best medical care possible. Unfortunately, getting your pet the health care they need can be expensive. The good news is there is pet insurance available to help with the expenses of your pet’s health. If you are considering pet insurance, here are 3 questions to ask before buying.

Do the Premiums Increase as the Pet Ages?

As your insured pet ages, the policy terms and conditions may change and the premiums may increase. In most situations, a standard policy will generally exclude any condition that a claim has already been made. For example, a condition that may affect your pet for several years could only be claimed through a lifetime coverage policy, which is usually available as a coverage option through many pet insurance providers. It is important to note that it is a misconception that pet insurance isn’t available for older pets, but it is necessary to ask about this before buying a policy.

Are There Different Deduction Options?

The deduction you have to pay depends on the coverage you are purchasing from Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. The deduction is the initial payment you make to the health provider before you can use the insurance policy. The smaller you deduction is, the larger the premium will be. Pet insurance generally has the option of three different types of the deductions-annual deductible, per incident deductible and pet illness category deductible.

Are There Any Exclusions to be Aware Of?

It will depend on your insurer and your policy whether or not there are exclusions; however, many policies for pet insurance do have similar exclusions, including:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Prosthetics and mobility aids
  • Pet training
  • Pregnancy, breeding and whelping
  • Cremation and burial

For pet owners, insurance is beneficial in helping to pay medical bills, preventative care, and medications. It is important to understand the type of policy that you are interested in, such as coverage for older pets. Be sure to inquire about the different deduction options and if there are or are not specific exclusions in your policy.

If you live in or around the Rockville, MD area and are interested in a pet insurance policy, contact Wellspring Insurance Network Inc.

Off-Road Vehicles Require Special Insurance Coverage

Check with your agent at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. in Rockville, MD if you are planning to use off-road vehicles, which are also known as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). ATV use is a special insurance risk and for that reason, it requires special insurance coverage. To be safe, ask your agent to conduct a thorough insurance review to see how the use of ATVs may impact coverage.

For example, some life insurance policies do not cover the insured if they engage in risky activities such as skydiving and the use of ATVs. There may be specific exclusions in the policies that need to be discovered by your insurance agent to make sure the coverage you have is adequate for your needs. You want to be sure that you are not caught off-guard by a surprising and devastating lack of insurance coverage in the case of an accident when using an ATV.

Not only do you want to make sure you are covered, you also want to make sure any children are covered because children can use ATVs as well. You will want the driver to be covered and the riders to be covered. You will want the ATV equipment to be covered and any property damages to be covered. If there is an accident, where someone is injured or dies, you want that liability to be covered as well.

The coverage for off-road vehicle use is just as important if you own the ATVs or if you occasionally rent them. Many rental companies have serious rental agreements with liability limitations that they ask any customers to sign in order for them to waive their rights for any claims for damages. In an innocent moment, it is possible to rent an ATV and not have any insurance coverage at all for any accidents that may happen. Do not let this happen to you. Simply check in with your agent at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. in Rockville, MD first before using any off-road vehicles. Contact your agent for advice on what insurance you might need for the use of ATVs.

How to protect your home or business from a flood

Flooding is the second-worst thing that can happen to a home or business, next to a devastating fire, No way exists to totally protect a structure from the flooding that can accompany a torrential rainstorm; however Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serving Rockville, MD suggests a number of steps can be taken to mitigate the damage.

One way to protect your home or business from the next flood is to elevate it. However, these jobs tend to be very expensive, running into the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the structure and other factors. How high you raise your house to get it above flood level may also be something of a guess. You will have to factor in that high cost compared to the expense and trouble of fixing your home or business if it gets inundated by the next flood.

Another way to mitigate against the next flood is to change your landscaping. A lawn that is porous enough to absorb water rather than channel it to your home or business will help to at least minimize flood damage. You can also dig depressions in your lawn to help channel water away from your house. Make sure your driveway is in good repair so that it too channels water down to the street.

You should consider purchasing a temporary flood barrier that can be set up to block flood waters from entering your home or business.

You should finally take steps to protect your furniture and electronics by elevating them above flood level, if possible, should you take on water.

For questions concerning flood insurance, feel free to contact Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. serving Rockville, MD.

Do You Need Off-Road Vehicle Insurance?

If you operate an off-road vehicle, you may need to purchase off-road vehicle insurance. While these vehicles are fun to drive, it is important to make sure you are covered in the event of an accident.

Homeowners’ Insurance

ATVs, golf carts, dirt bikes, snowmobiles and other off-road vehicles are usually not covered by your homeowners’ policy. Many homeowners’ insurance policies provide very little or no protection for off-road vehicles, especially if they are not used on your property.

While some states do not require ATV insurance, Arkansas requires you to have off-road vehicle insurance if you’ll be operating it in state or public parks.

An off-road vehicle insurance policy can protect both your ATV and you. These policies will protect you against liability when operating your off-road vehicle.

What to Look for in a Policy

When you need to purchase off-road vehicle insurance, talk to your independent agent at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. in Rockville, MD. Look for the following forms of coverage:

  • Collision Coverage: Collision coverage will cover the costs of damages done to your ATV in an accident.
  • Bodily Injury Liability: With bodily injury liability, if you are in an accident and someone else is hurt, their medical expenses will be covered.
  • Property Damage Liability: With property damage liability, if you cause damage to someone else’s property, the costs will be covered.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: If your ATV is damaged or stolen, comprehensive coverage will take care of it. Comprehensive coverage protects you from natural disasters and theft.

You may qualify for a policy discount if you take an ATV safety course. Check with us when looking for your policy! Contact us at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. in Rockville, MD today!

Important Coverage Alert for Boat Owners: Liability and Damages

The Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. is here to provide the important facts relating to boating insurance coverage. If you are in the greater Rockville, MD area and have a boat, it may surprise you to learn more about the types and level of coverage that all boat owners should look into. Boating season is almost here and it is best to be prepared beforehand as once the nice weather hits insurance will likely be the last thing on your mind! Our helpful and knowledgeable agents are here to answer your boat insurance coverage whether you need a policy or if you’d like us to review your current policy. We are here for you!

Boating insurance is important for a number of different reasons. Mainly because coverage will protect your financial interests in the event of damage or injury related to your vessel. While most boat owners understand the importance of this coverage, many opt to get the bare minimum policy that is geared toward catastrophic incidents. Were you aware that there is insurance coverage available to protect you from environmental clean-up liability in the event that there is a fuel spill from your boat? Comprehensive coverage can also cover the cost of towing in the event of engine malfunction or other covered events. Complete insurance can make a huge difference in your cash outlay.

If you plan on getting out on the water in the Rockville, MD area this season it’s a good idea to review your boat insurance coverage before you do! Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. is here to answer all of your questions and provide comprehensive information on your boating insurance options. Whether you need a policy or would like us to review your current one, come see us today!

An Important Step to Take Before Restoring that Classic Car

Whether you presently own or plan to restore a classic car, you should select an insurance policy that differs from those offered for regular vehicles. Traditional policies often depreciate the car’s value as it gets older and accumulates more miles. Restored classic cars generally have a value that appreciates over a period of time due to their condition, rarity, and other factors. Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. reminds those with classic cars in the Rockville, MD area that your prized vehicle is an investment that deserves proper care and protection.

An important step any classic car owner or restorer should take involves reviewing these considerations:

  • Establish a Proper Value. “Blue book” listings do not accurately convey the monetary, sentimental, and other values a classic car aficionado places on their vehicle. If you are currently restoring a vehicle, be sure to document costs involved in acquiring parts and take photographs of the restoration as it moves forward.
  • Secure Flatbed Towing Whenever Possible. Since most classic cars only hit the road on special occasions, they tend to have fewer accident claims than breakdowns. This type of towing allows the vehicle to get back to the garage with all of the wheels atop the flatbed.
  • Limit Usage for Cherished Moments and Special Events. Classic car insurance protects vehicles due to their unique nature. These policies are not for vehicles used frequently or as the primary means of transportation.
  • Store Your Car Properly. Except for show-and-tell events and trips to venues, keep your classic car in a secure storage area or garage. The vehicle should never park regularly on the street or an outdoors driveway.

Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. of Rockville, MD offers coverage for classic cars. Contact our agents today to learn how we can protect your treasured vehicle.

When Can You Claim Your Health Insurance

Health insurance safeguards you against illness and injuries. The reason why Wellspring Insurance Network sells health insurance is that we want to take charge of your health. We shall be there to clear the huge medical bill when sickness strikes. With the rising cost of medical services in Rockville, MD, a health insurance policy has become a necessity in life.

However, most people don’t know how to file a health insurance policy claim and when to file the claim. Well, if you already have a health insurance policy and you’re wondering when you can file a claim don’t worry since we are here to help you. So, when can you file a health insurance policy claim?

File a Claim In Case of Injury or Illness

The conventional times when you should file a health insurance policy claim is when you fall sick or get injured. You may also file a claim whenever you have a medical procedure done that is prescribed by a physician. You should also file a claim when one of your siblings who are covered by the policy falls sick, is injured, or requires surgery. You can also file a health insurance policy claim if you or your family member requires urgent healthcare services outside of the regular clinic operation hours.

What Kinds of Medical Insurance Claims Exist?

There are three different types of health insurance claims that you should know.

  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): In this type of claim, the health insurance provider only caters for treatment sought from accredited clinics, hospitals, or physicians specified in the policy.
  • Preferred Healthcare Provider Organization (PHPO): This type of policy allows you to look for medical care from your preferred doctor in Rockville, MD. Your policy will cover all the costs as long as you’re a PHPO member and you use healthcare services in your PHPO network.
  • Group Health Insurance Plan: Any person who is a member of a specified group medical insurance plan is allowed to apply for medical insurance claims for a wide range of healthcare expenses.

Are you looking for a new health insurance policy? Contact Wellspring Insurance Network today.

What Risks Are Covered by Umbrella Insurance?

We all need insurance to cater for unforeseen circumstances in our day-to-day lives. Auto insurance is mandatory, home insurance may be required by lenders, but umbrella insurance isn’t mandatory in MD. Unfortunately, some risks may go beyond what your standard auto, home, boat, renters, or condo insurance can cover. The policy you are holding might also have exclusions. This is where umbrella insurance comes in – to help you with those large lawsuits and severe accidents. That is why it’s often known as excess liability insurance. You can purchase them for personal or commercial use. Here are the risks covered by an Umbrella Insurance in Rockville, MD:

  • Additional property liability: This will take care of any extra costs of damages towards someone else’s property.
  • Additional bodily liability: This will take care of any extra costs towards another person’s bodily injuries that your standard health insurance coverage cannot take care of fully.
  • Personal liability: This will cover lawsuits and any legal costs that are related to false arrests, slander, libel, malicious prosecutions, invasion of privacy, and other personal liability situations.
  • Exclusions coverage: This covers any liability claims that are excluded in the standard insurance coverage. For example, if you have an accident in another state where your auto insurance can’t cover, umbrella insurance will take care of any liability claim against you.

Even with all the risks that Umbrella Insurance can cover, there are a few exemptions. They include expected or intentional accidents, business losses, and criminal intentions.

Our knowledgeable local agents at Wellspring Insurance Network in Rockville, MD will help you understand which coverage option is affordable and suitable for you. At Wellspring Insurance Network, we offer affordable insurance policies to protect your investments. Contact us today if you need a quote or if you have any questions or concerns about umbrella insurance.