Top tips to prepare your home for fall

With fall just around the corner in the Frederick, MD area, it is critical that homeowners start preparing their homes for fall now to mitigate against potential insurance claims. The agents at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc. have put together these useful tips to help homeowners prepare.

Gutters and downspouts 

It is critical that homeowners have their gutters and downspouts cleaned before fall. Failure to do so could lead to clogged gutters and that leads to water damage in your home. Water damage claims can be very costly. If your home is surrounded by trees it is important to make sure the gutters remain clear through the season. 

Trim your trees 

If you have any trees that have limbs hanging over the roof, it is a good time of year to have the tree branches trimmed back. If the branches snap and come down on the roof it could cause major roof damage. 

Check your windows and doors

You will want to check the seals on your windows and doors to make sure there are no gaps. If you find any gaps, you will want to make sure they are sealed up. Not only will this prevent moisture from getting in and causing damage, but it will also help with your energy efficiency and keep your heating bills lower.

Roof inspection 

Fall is also a good time to have your roof inspected. If the inspector finds any damage it is a good time of year to have the repairs made so the roof is not further damaged during the fall season. As leaves start to put weight on the roof, it is imperative to make sure it is structurally sound which an inspection will confirm. 

If you are interested in learning more useful tips to avoid insurance claims and repairs for fall, reach out to an agent at Wellspring Insurance Network Inc today. We proudly serve the Frederick, MD area.